Savings with ADCS as the Design Architect:

As County-approved Peer Reviewers in Fairfax and Prince George’s County, this expertise allows us to fully resolve building code issues early on in the architectural design process so that they don’t become an issue once they are submitted to the County for Permit Review.   We also avoid over-designing since we know what the County officials require.

This in turn dramatically accelerates County approvals on our Permit Drawings since we receive fewer permit comments and require less design revisions than expected.  
What's more, we also reduce change orders during the construction phase, while knowing how to push the envelope with costly code compliance design issues.

Savings with ADCS as the Peer Reviewer:

The Peer Review process has proven to save valuable time on most project types (as much as 50%), since it allows the project to be put on a separate expedited review track by the County once it is Peer Reviewed.  What’s more, ADCS has one of the highest approval rates on the first submissions to the County! 

A SBA 8(a) Certified Firm


"We awarded this (project) to you over your much larger competitors, and you have proven how a small firm can provide the expertise we seek and exceed our expectations.  Thank you so much for your outstanding performance... You have saved us so much time and money by producing an excellent set of contract documents.”    
- Max Ren, Phoenix Satellite Television

"Simply put, ADCS has one of the highest approval rates in our County!"  
- Haval Barzingy, Fairfax County Building Plan Review Dept.

"Dave delivered each job with the utmost professionalism.  Dave is prompt and keeps to his time lines.  His knowledge of the code is outstanding. His ability to articulate that knowledge across county reviewers, architects, engineers, myself and others brings his value to the top. His integrity shows in his work product, and it’s refreshing to see someone get things done the right way."
- Steve Bukont, BFR Construction

“Thanks so much Dave, I’m really under the gun with my manager on this project.  I needed to get these permits YESTERDAY....You and your team have been absolutely GREAT.... Your services are very much appreciated Dave."
- Zadock Futrell, MBN Inc.

​​​​ADCS saves our clients valuable time and money, whether we are commissioned TO PROVIDE architectural DESIGN SERVICES OR "PEER REVIEWS" IN FAIRFAX OR PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTIES.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN + Consulting Services (ADCS), LLC in Fairfax, Virginia, provides traditional architectural design services and less traditional services such as Peer Reviews, Facility Condition Assessments, Quality Control Reviews, and Code Consultation.